Amelia Chapman


Marvin Sordell

Wedding Party

Meyrick Chapman

Father of the Bride

The second most important man of the day, Meyrick is the Father of the Bride and Chief Speech-giver..

.. He’s also responsible for the fabulous party we’ll be enjoying, so head to the bar and thank him with a drink!

Louise Chapman

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride, Wedding Planner, Florist and Venue finder.

Louise will be spending most of the day either a) crying b) laughing or c) crying and laughing.

Yinka Sordell

Mother of the Groom

The never-ageing mother of the groom.

Yinka is one of the three most important women in Marvin’s life, along with his sister Nicole and of course, The Bride.

Melissa Measoud

Maid of Honor

International superstar DJ (the wedding playlists on you!).

Amelia’s Best Friend of 11 years.

And most importantly, the best Prosecco-drinking partner in crime!

Jo Ehui

Best Man

The Best Man.

Marvin’s best friend of 10 years.

He says that he’s 24, his hair line says that he’s 44, and his passport… Who knows!

Elisha Warburton


The chief catalyst of this wedding... Elisha introduced Marvin and Amelia on 17th January 2012...

... Without you, we wouldn’t be saying “I do”.

Billy Gibson


A close contender for Best Man. Marvin and Billy have shared an infinite amount of memories over the last 9 years.

Odds on favorite to consume the most alcohol!

Claire Dickson AKA Bear


A Bombay-Born British-American Hybrid, Claire AKA Bear is Amelia’s best friend and personal comedian.

If you want to meet her, she’ll be by the bar.

Phil Smith


One of Marvin’s best friends.

You’ll most likely see him tapping his feet, twiddling his fingers, not making a decision... just generally not sitting still.

Huda Okuonghae


Mother to our other gorgeous flower girl, Tamara!

One of Amelia’s closest friends and dancing partner.. follow her to the dance floor!

Louis Lavers


Also know as ‘Legendary Lou’.

The only person other than Amelia that Marvin is happy to share a bed with.

Natalie Keogh


Amelia and Marvin met Natalie and her Husband Andy on their honeymoon 4 years ago and have been friends ever since.

She’s flown half way around the world to be a part of Amelia and Marvin’s day, so make sure she has a drink in her hand at all times..
Stacey Meacham